Ruffed Grouse

I think so … early morning and a bit of sunrise caught it. Generally they are well camouflaged for the surroundings.



This wasn’t actually a sneak just some visual compression from a telephoto. The eagles do view the seagulls as a potential menu item though but it seems they go for the younger ones.

Early MOrning

Early morning mist at Lois Lake. The dead heads (not related to Greatful Dead fans)are a result of there bring a dam having been built and the resulting water level increase.

Harbour Seal



So a grouping of ladybugs is referred to as a “loveliness of ladybugs”. I’m not sure if this group would qualify as a ‘loveliness’ or, because of the lack of numbers, is simply cute?

The Experience

I hope this is a Vancouver city sponsored mural. Because I can pixel peep it’s interesting to read the messages intertwined between the images. They are poignant statements or reminders about the other side of the experience of Canada’s multi – culturalism/ethnicity/race. Regretfully it was painted on a side street and doesn’t get the attention I think it deserves.

Trust Me

A bit of graffiti from a Vancouver alley