Chicken Dancer

The chicken dance is one of the oldest forms of dancing. The Men’s Chicken Dance Style originates amongst the Blackfoot people. It started out as a religious society known as the Kiitokii Society and is still practiced to this day on the Siksika First Nation in Southern Alberta.
Long ago there was a young Blackfoot man hunting to get food for his family. He heard a noise in the distance. It sounded like something was thumping on the ground. He got very curious and followed this sound. As he approached the sound he saw these prairie chickens dancing in the tall grass. He took his bow and arrow and shot and killed one of these birds. He brought the carcass back to his tipi and his wife prepared it for the evening feast. As the man’s family was done eating their dinner, they went to lay their heads down for the night. When this man was sleeping he had a dream that this prairie chicken spirit came to him and asked him “Why did you kill me? My people were doing a sacred dance of my people”. The man replied that he needed to feed his family. The prairie chicken had honored this and told this man that he was going to teach him the sacred dance of his people. He was to go out there and teach every man this dance and if he did not do as he was told this prairie chicken was going to come back and take this man’s life. Chicken Dancer

7 thoughts on “Chicken Dancer

  1. Wow, such amazing colours!!! Lovely photo!
    I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to check out my photography blog –
    I’m only an amateur, so I’d really appreciate some feedback!!
    Thank you!

        • After thinking about about what you asked and looking at your gallery (you need to get more posted), my opinion is (drum roll please) the type of camera is secondary. The best use of my time is to explore seeing, light and composition. Technicalities are mastered with time (my pictures are not that high a standard). Experiment – annoy everyone around you by constantly taking pictures. Look at and read about visual arts. Take more pictures. If there is one, join a camera club. Take more pictures with them.

          • I was just about to upload more photos for my gallery, but WP wasn’t allowing me to, so I will as soon as I can! I agree, the type of camera is secondary. It’s not the camera that makes a good photo, it’s the person who sees beauty in something and captures it as they see it. I am buying a dslr in a few weeks hopefully, so I was thinking of joining a local camera club, if there is one! I think it would be a great idea, and a heap of fun too! Thanks so much for your advice, I really appreciate it!!

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