Ursidae Velcrosis minorus

Another sign that spring is here. Going past one of the local farms today I noticed that they were out in full force getting ready for the spring shearing. While not yet a large economic base for the area, the farming is beginning to become more economical with the introduction of a northern species called Ursidae Velcros Minor. Easily startled, these shy beasts main reaction is to spring to safety in the trees for protection. If winter conditions have been favourable and the growth has matured to a specific depth and texture, they become entrapped upon the bark of the tree where they are quickly sheared and released back to the herd. While there are some who deplore the practice, farmers are quick to point out that in the wild these animals have been known to become trapped in trees for such long periods of time that a type of hibernation by boredom was not uncommon.

Velcro Bear

Velcro Bear


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