Two Sparrows

Two Sparrows


5 thoughts on “Two Sparrows

    • I was using an 18-55mm lens and was about 15 feet away. To get the composition, I had to crop a bit less than 50%. They are not as timid as some other birds that I’ve tried to get pictures of. The Herons, for example, will only lt me get within 100 feet before they fidget and the swan shots I have to sit still for about an hour before they’ll come within 100 feet. I really need a long lens (500mm) to get in close but who’s got the money.

      • Hehe, the swans at my university loch are rather used to people being close to them I’ll have to try and get a few shots of them – might have an easier time than you by the sounds of it ! 😛 I only have the 18-70mm lens that came with my a100 when I got it but I’m just a beginner – having a lot of fun with it though, it’s becoming a new hobby quickly. 🙂

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