Gull Fishing II variation

Gull Fishing II variation
B&W and more closely cropped. I was so focused on the reflection and panning that the actual gull has some washout in the wings … but I think it actually adds rather than detracts since the focus is on the reflection.

2 thoughts on “Gull Fishing II variation

  1. I was allowed to be away from my chore list one afternoon and, with some members of the local camera club, I headed out to the local pier to get some panning practice in – I’d just gotten my 70-200mm f/4 lens. I didn’t know that the herring (?) were running and as a result I was treated to an avian aerial dive bombing demonstration. It was early afternoon with very harsh light and that made the surface very reflective, and me without a polarizer.
    Anyways, in post processing the series I thought I’d try one in B&W. After twiddling with it to reduce some of the burnout in the whites (which is what started softening the edges), the fish began to emerge and that (along with the reflection) became my focal point. Played with contrast (also helped to soften things a bit), tone curve and exposure level to bring out a bit more of a hint of the fish without reducing too much clarity in the reflection. Ended up using the dodging tool on the bird itself to reduce exposure and clarity. I keep going back to it and have about 5 variations.
    Regretfully the capture is heavily cropped and I’m trying to figure out how to resize it without it looking like a Seurat pointillism technique. Have read that Resize by onOne software might do the ticket – good algorithms to fill in the dots so to speak.
    One of the difficulties that I’m currently working on is that my focus of attention is heavily center weighted in the viewfinder and as a result I sometimes have to crop quite a bit out. I need to slow down a bit and take the time to compose for edge to edge – the bigger picture. I would have loved to capture this full frame.

  2. This is just a top quality image Allan. I would get this printed big and hang it in my office space and look at it all the time!

    I love the dreamy milky softness it has in places, would love to know the story of how you got this one?

    Well done!

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