Moods for today

A section of sculpted faces above a closed down storefront across from the Vancouver Police Station in the tenderloin area outside of Gastown.

Canada Geese III

Otter IV

A bit of warmth after the snow melt so it’s time to sunbathe

Potted Ice

A nice piece of ice that formed in the pot during the winter cold spell.

Heron VII


Take Off

Cormorant 3

Ruffed Grouse

I think so … early morning and a bit of sunrise caught it. Generally they are well camouflaged for the surroundings.


This wasn’t actually a sneak just some visual compression from a telephoto. The eagles do view the seagulls as a potential menu item though but it seems they go for the younger ones.

Early MOrning

Early morning mist at Lois Lake. The dead heads (not related to Greatful Dead fans)are a result of there bring a dam having been built and the resulting water level increase.